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3ta2 gallery
Santani Gallery


Located in Matsuyama, Ehime, 3ta2 Gallery was opened in 2006. We exhibit highly original art works in a variety of media and participate in art fairs and exhibitions all over Japan. 3ta2 Gallery aims to offers a space in which artists can flourish in a wide variety of fields.
At the Fukuoka Art Fair 2018, we will exhibitworks by five artists that focus on life-enriching interactions between people and nature.

沓沢佐知子 Sachiko Kutsuzawa , にしざかひろみ Hiromi Nishizaka , 白晃 hakko , 南舘麻美子 Mamiko Minamidate , 田中望 Nozomi Tanaka , 佐藤妙子 Taeko Sato





3ta2 gallery
Santani Gallery
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