アートフェアアジア福岡2019 新人作家公募展


ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2019(以下、AFAF 2019)では「AFAF AWARDS2019」と題し、AFAF 2019の関連企画として新人作家発掘を目的とした公募展を開催します。AFAF 2019に出展する全ギャラリーにより出展作品を決定し、フェア会期中に展示されます。

ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2019 (AFAF 2019) is looking for upcoming artists to participate in our upcoming public competition. Submissions will be judged by each AFAF 2019 exhibiting gallery, and the selected pieces will be put on display during the event.

2019/04/27 更新のお知らせ
・展示期間が9月5日(木) ‒ 9月10日(火)に変更になりました。

新人作家公募展 AFAF AWARDS 2019
Entry method for participation in AFAF AWARDS 2019

■ 展覧会名 | Exhibition Tilte

■ 会期 | Schedule
9月5日(木) ‒ 9月10日(火)
September 5(Thu)-10(Tue), 2019

■ 会場 | Prizes
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

■ 審査選考 Selection Process
全ART FAIR ASIA出展ギャラリーにより展示作品を選考する。
Each exhibiting ART FAIR ASIA gallery member will review the entries and their submission data to select the artworks to be exhibited at the venue.

■ 賞 | Venue
アートフェアアジア福岡大賞 (1点)
Art Fair Asia Fukuoka Grand Prize (1 Winner)
ギャラリスト賞 (2点)
Gallerist Prize (2 Winners)

Each winner will receive a recognition award as well as a prize. 

■ 公募展協賛 | Cooperation




■ 応募について

応募資格 | Requirements
All ages and nationalities are welcome, but applicants must currently be residing in Japan. We will not be accepting or returning artworks from overseas this year.

応募作品 | Artwork
The artwork must be from the past three years.

応募点数 | Artwork Entry
Only one artwork per individual/collective is allowed.

募集対象 | Types
*平面 2D
縦910mm×横910mm×厚さ150mm まで(額装なし)
Up to 910mm x 910mm x width 150mm size (without frame)
*立体 3D
高さ1000mm×横500mm×奥行き500mm まで
Up to 1000mm x 500mm x depth 500mm size

エントリー料 | Entry Fee

以下の内容で 【 】宛てへ送信してください。
・本文:AFAF AWARDS2019エントリー希望
【Entry Method】
Please send all applications to【 】
· Address:
· Subject: Name of the artist
· Body: AFAF AWARDS 2019 entry request
*The executive office will reply to all application entries.
*Please be sure to use an email address you regularly check.

締 切 | Entry Deadline
2019年7月15日(月) メール必着
Entries must be submitted through e-mail by Sunday, the 15th of July 2019.

■ 注意事項 | Important points
Applicants are responsible for all shipping costs (transportation fees, insurance etc.)
All the rights of selected artworks publications related to AFAF 2018 belong to the organizer.
While the artwork will be handled with utmost care at the venue, the organizers are not responsible for any accidental damage.
Please ensure that your artwork is properly packaged, and if possible, insured.
Violation of the terms and conditional may lead to cancellation of the award at any time.
・Your entry must match the submitted artwork.
By applying you agree to comply to all terms and conditions.


■ 問合せ先 | Contact
ART FAIR ASIA 実行委員会事務局 | ART FAIR ASIA Executive Committee
福岡市中央区赤坂3-9-28−2F | c/o Gallery MORYTA 2F 3-9-28, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, 810-0042, Japan
TEL 092-716-1032