TICKET Scheduled for release in August
TICKET Scheduled for release in August

atelier sangastu

We have been operating a gallery in Nakazaki-cho, Umeda, Osaka since 2015. We have been actively presenting various genres of expression such as illustration, painting, abstract painting, photography, contemporary art, outsider art, etc., mainly by young artists.

While character paintings have recently been gracing the world art scene, Atelier Mizuki has been actively featuring artists who create character paintings and illustration-like paintings from the period when they were not yet recognized as “contemporary art” since the beginning of 2015. As was the case with postwar Gutai art in the Kansai region, we will continue to introduce such approaches from the “periphery” to the art scene.


〒530-0015 4-2-9, Nakazakinishi 4-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Tel 09098740415
Email haraharb@gmail.com
Website https://www.sangatsu.net/