Crossroads Kyushu

“Crossroads Kyushu” is a curated booth filled with artworks related to Kyushu. This year, we will introduce artists who resonate with people, nature, history, and society based on the theme of “Circle Village.” It was developed in the post-war coal mining areas of Kyushu and the major figures were Gan Tanigawa and Kazue Morisaki.


~This year’s theme~

Titled ‘The Power of Reverberation – Openings from Kyushu,’ this booth introduces works by artists who originate from, or who have strong bonds with, Kyushu. Deeply rooted in Kyushu’s history and their own diverse backgrounds, these artists have explored various contemporary struggles while resonating and connecting with otherness.

The participating galleries include ART FRONT GALLERY (Tokyo), GALLERY SOAP (Kitakyushu), WAITINGROOM (Tokyo), and other Kyushu-based and internationally acclaimed artists, totalling more than 20 artworks.

Featured artists include Takashi Kuribayashi, who participated in Documenta 15, a globally renowned international contemporary art exhibition held in Kassel, Germany in 2022, Kaoru Hirano, known for exhibitions at POLA Museum, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art and Arts Maebashi, and Umi Ishihara, whose works intersect fiction and documentary and recently showcased her work at the National Museum of Art, Osaka.