TICKET Scheduled for release in August
TICKET Scheduled for release in August


GALLERY UTSUROBUNE was established in 2022 by director Mai Murase after working at galleries in Tokyo and Gifu. The gallery plans and sells works at ARTECASA, a space in Nagoya’s Sakae Mitsukoshi Department Store.
The gallery has continued to exhibit with the desire to leave a place in Sakae for young artists and artists with ties to the Tokai region to present their work.
In 2023, the gallery will expand its exhibitions to other department stores and art fairs in Kanto as well as Nagoya.
Like the unidentified flying object “Utsurobune,” which surprised people in the Edo period and was unintentionally depicted in ukiyoe prints, the gallery aims to exhibit Japanese artists by appearing in various locations in Japan and abroad.


〒460-8669 3-5-1,Sakae,Naka-ku,Nagoyashi,Aichi pref,Japan 460-8669

〒461-0004 1-18-21,Aoi,Higashi-ku,Nagoyashi,Aichi pref Japan 461-0004

Tel 09087310906
Website https://www.instagram.com/gallery_utsurobune/