TICKET Scheduled for release in August
TICKET Scheduled for release in August

Oh studio hiroshima

-From Hiroshima to the world, and from the world to Hiroshima-

We aim to create a place where “Hiroshima, the city of peace” can be transmitted to the world, and to serve as a connecting point between the city and art.

Proposing various ways to enjoy art in one building
The building is equipped with an atelier and a gallery.

1st floor: Cafe & bar, fashion
2nd floor: Wine restaurant
3rd floor: Gallery
4th and 5th floors: Rental open atelier


〒730-0041 3F 9-13, Komachi, Nakaku, Hiroshimashi, Hiroshima, JAPAN

Tel 080-6336-3414
Email k.hamada@essence-japan.com