TICKET Scheduled for release in August
TICKET Scheduled for release in August

RA art Gallery

Drawing from my experience in the buyback business, I have had the opportunity to engage with “various valuable items” beyond just artworks. “Valuable items” can be interpreted in many ways, not solely in monetary terms. I believe they represent the “results of the efforts of our predecessors,” born out of continuity and heritage, and there is always a causal relationship involved.

Based on this premise, I have set the following three missions:
1. Discovering and nurturing artists who create new forms of expression, techniques, thought, and philosophy.
2. Discovering and nurturing artists who continue to pursue existing forms of expression and produce works that can become pillars of future art.
3. Creating and passing on valuable items for viewers.

With these missions in mind, we conduct daily planning and exhibitions, introducing artists and works that meet these three criteria.


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