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TICKET Scheduled for release on August 9
TICKET Scheduled for release on August 9

SAN Gallery

SAN Gallery, established in 2021 by Susan—a name she embraced upon entering the art world—draws its identity from the ancient Chinese word “三” (sān), meaning “three.” This connection is deeply personal for Susan, as she is the third daughter in her family. The word “three” not only symbolizes a new beginning in her life and career but also serves as a source of inspiration and resilience. In this ever-changing era, marked by constant endings and new beginnings, SAN Gallery stands as a beacon of encouragement for both Susan and her colleagues.

Specializing in contemporary Taiwanese and Japanese art, SAN Gallery is committed to discovering and nurturing young, talented artists brimming with potential. Through regular exhibitions, we aim to showcase these exceptional works not only to collectors but also to the broader public, enhancing appreciation and engagement with contemporary art.

Our mission extends to promoting Taiwanese artists and enhancing their visibility in the global market. We focus on collaborating with artists from Taiwan, Japan, and other regions across Asia. Alongside working with established and scholarly artists from abroad, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing emerging talents in the art world. SAN Gallery is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and dynamic art community, encouraging new beginnings and celebrating the resilience of artists.


No. 186, Sec. 2, Zhongyi Rd., 70017, Dist. Central Western, Tainan City, Taiwan

Tel 88662208833 
Website https://www.san-gallery.com.tw/