TICKET Scheduled for release in August
TICKET Scheduled for release in August

T&C Gallery

T&C Gallery is passionate about displaying art pieces that combine cutting-edge 3D technology with traditional silkscreen printing techniques to create a fusion of sensations using the power of nature. The gallery continues to evolve, making full use of the latest technology while preserving the essence of art.
The exhibits begin with art works that center on 3D technology, but they are not simply applications of technology, but aim to pursue unique expressions while valuing traditional art sensibilities and methods. . Through these efforts, beautiful works of art are created and provide enriching experiences for those who view them.
It is a place where you can feel the fusion of nature and technology through the works.
We will exhibit works that utilize the latest technology while incorporating the power of nature, bringing new perspectives and excitement to viewers. This fusion is an attempt to explore new possibilities while preserving the essence of art, and is the source of the uniqueness and charm of our exhibits.


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