√K Contemporary

Fukuoka International Congress Center
"The Present of the Future"

While maintaining a conscious awareness of the past, √K Contemporary presents contemporary art from the post-war period onwards with an ethos guided by the knowledge of their predecessors. Unbound by temporal and other socially-held categorical restraints, √K Contemporary offers unique exhibitions and events that aim to provoke, stimulate, and evoke new thinking. In conserving their acts, the g
allery hopes to place and pave their way towards a future art scene. Designed around this notion, the 300sqm gallery space was envisioned as a "gallery from outer space", where works are exhibited with new values and viewed with new eyes.
Driven by innovation, √K Contemporary strives to become the next-generation art space that presents new works of art in a space that, too, is a work of art in itself.

6 Minamicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan




Exhibiting Artists: Tomoaki Ichikawa/