Fukuoka International Congress Center
You will find Mizoe Art Galleries, in Fukuoka and Tokyo, in houses with peaceful gardens, each a backdrop for Mizoe’s noted collections of modern and contemporary art. Visitors enter beautiful space and are surrounded by equally beautiful art. The first Mizoe Art Gallery opened in Fukuoka in 2008, followed by the Tokyo location in 2012. In addition to its extensive collection from Japan and around the world, Mizoe is one of the few Japanese galleries featuring masterpieces of worldwide fame. How do we decide what to offer in our galleries? The simple test is whether it is timeless. We seek art that will be admired and respected through the ages; that its owners will love when they acquire it and will still be proud to own 30, 40, 50 years later. Regardless of its genre and age, good art is rarely defined by short-term fashion but will continue to be appreciated over time. We connect closely with our artists to understand what they are trying to express and how committed they are to that vision without being overly influenced by trends, fads and market potential. They have in common an unshakable conviction bolstered by style, talent and their established technique. We aspire to introduce more talented, passionate and strong-minded artists to the world. Mizoe Art Gallery participates in art fairs in Japan and around the world, and plans to actively accelerate its overseas business development in coming years.

1-2-5, Jigyohama, chuou-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, JAPAN




Exhibiting Artists: Takashi YATOJI/ Takahide KOMATSU/ Nami SHIBATA/ Gyoji NOMIYAMA/