Gallery Kazuki

A Gallery is a creative space. It is not my intention to be it's keeper. The space will be realized by mutual understanding. It is part of my body, here I live and feel, laugh and sing. It is not a solitary song but of many voices in a opera. What we call art is not the contents of the artist's work, nor the owners opinion, but the meeting of minds, I call this an art gallery. Words that seems understandable but can't be expressed in words, are crushed and shattered, the meaning absorbed in silence. I realize here the bonds between silence and words. Here rests the existence of art. Stains on a wall taught me art, and in the fleeting clouds I found infinite strength. From the light-absorbing plants taking roots in the dark ground, I learned courage. I call this place the pasture of art , the power of nature alive, frank and undisguised. I spend my early childhood wraped in the scent of new-mown hay, a life unchanged in a shining world. Maybe I will find just part of that world in a work of art , just like the child I was, searching for the eternal field. The gallery has become a bridge between art and the future which makes it fruitful space for the Art Society. ※ translated by Nina Hirano

Hitomi Kazuki

If artists betray the social conscience and the basic principles of being human , where does art stand then?

"Ai Weiwei Speaks"

#605 Okuno-Bld. 1-9-8 Ginza, Chuo-Ku Tokyo, JAPAN



Exhibiting Artists: Susumu TAKASHIMA/ Chiaki HORIKOSHI/ Junpei KISHIDA/ Yuji KOBAYASHI/ Masakatsu TAGAMI/ Tatsuo IKEDA/ Ryosuke YASUMOTO/