Shihodo Gallery

Fukuoka International Congress Center
At Shihodo Gallery, our prime value is to ‘cherish the eye and mind'. We take pride in introducing art with timeless value, centred around artists from modern and contemporary eras. Art has the power to let us experience -regardless of time and place- the times surrounding and the subtlest movements of a person, whether that person may have no known name. At the same time art also gives us numerous views, dialogue, excitement and richness of life. With those thoughts at heart, and taking into account historical context, we never cease to thoroughly assess the quality and raison d'etre of the art we introduce to you. In this age overwhelmed by the importance of context, ideas and marketability, we most highly value whether, regardless of changes in times and social economics, our art has the quality to maintain its power as art.

6-4-7-1,2F Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Exhibiting Artists: Keiki YAMADA/ Yukyo YAMAMOTO/ Yuya FUJITA/