Gallery KTO is a contemporary art gallery, opened in Harajuku, Tokyo in September 2019. KTO means "someone's" in Russian. Through this place, we would like to continue to be like a Hub for more artists and viewers, also to present new art projects. Currently, we have galleries, Two in Shibuya and the other in Nagoya. Holding a total of 36 exhibitions in this year with these three spaces. We are particularly interested in works by artists whose careers have been overlooked by art history and young artists who are expected to create art history in the future. Artists whose names we do not usually hear or do not see are not worthless but are full of charm has yet to be discovered. We will have an exhibition of things, objects, and awareness that create value in each of them. It is our pleasure to transform the interest of those who "want to know" about art into "knowledge" and "like". We work to create a "lifestyle" in which art is at the center of your life.

#K103 4-25-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN



Exhibiting Artists: Akio Onishi/ Haruo FURUKAWA/ Yuriko Nishikawa/ Ryosei Senoo/ Marimo Satou/ Hirotoshi SAKAGUCHI/ Tomoko USHIODA/ Rieko Koyama/ Li Feifei/ Ryuichi Ishikawa/