Gallery OUT of PLACE

Gallery OUT of PLACE is a contemporary art gallery that opened in the centre of Nara City in spring 2005 and regularly introduces artists active in Japan and abroad. It operates as a gallery where not only art professionals but also the general public can enjoy exhibitions and at the same time purchase high-quality works of art in a casual manner. We hope to introduce up-and-coming artists and talented artists who express deep philosophies and ideas, and to bring a strong impact and enrichment to the viewer's mind. In January 2009, TOKIO OUT of PLACE opened as a branch in Hiroo, Tokyo. At the end of February 2014, TOKIO OUT of PLACE was also relocated to 3331Arts Chiyoda Room 207, and its trade name was integrated into Gallery OUT of PLACE to promote contemporary art from the Tokyo metropolitan area. In April 2021, we will complete 12 years of activity in Tokyo, and from September 2021 we intend to steadily organise exhibitions and events at our head office in Nara. We hope that the long history and culture that has continued in the Nara Basin and the Kii Peninsula will interact and merge with different cultures, and that new and universal expressions will be born from OUT of PLACE.

32-2 Imazushi-cho Nara-shi, Nara, Japan



Exhibiting Artists: Mayumi TERADA/ nakajima mugi/ Takeshi KAGI/