Gallery Seek

Gallery Seek was founded in 2009 as a primary gallery. We are exhibiting at Kobe Art Marche for the first time in 2011, and we are also exhibiting at art fairs in Asia starting with young art taipei in 2015. We opened a small gallery of about 15㎡ in 2021 in Ginza. It is a space where the artist's theme and concept can be extracted more. We hold about 20 solo exhibitions a year. At the same time as launching ART KNOT Co., Ltd. in 2020, it was transformed into an operation by the company. We are exploring activities that connect art from various angles, such as launching ARTIST NEW GATE, a competition for a new era. In 2021, a new store will be opened near the Towada Art Center in order to increase opportunities for art to be transmitted from Tohoku. There is an English saying, "Seek a knot in a bulrush", to look for a non-existent problem, but we use the word "Seek a knot with art" to solve and improve with art. With the desire to connect, we will convey the charm of the artist.

Ginza Kobayashi Bld.1F,2-11-18,Ginza,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN



Exhibiting Artists: Mitsuru Koga/ Yu Shiotsuki/ Taichi Yonemura/ Takeshi Harada/