Fukuoka International Congress Center
Gallery Statement I 3 (three I's) C 2 (two C's) Imagination Imagination, creation, imagination, the creative power to create new things  Impression Impression, mental image, first impression Impact Influence, impact Context Background, context Original landscape for the artist Concept The fundamental point of view that pervades the work. A work of art is synonymous with the artist and serves as his/her business card. In other words, we can identify the artist the moment we see the work. KATSUMI YAMATO, a commercial gallery that deals with artists who emphasize Impression, Impact, and Creativity. Imagination: Possibilities for the future Impression: Works that resonate with the heart Impact An unforgettable impact The work (Imagination) will have an impact on your life, and the impression (Impression) of the work will be handed down to the future. Context and concept are essential elements in the creation of a work of art, and by giving a storyline to a work of art, the audience's imagination will expand even further. The context of the exhibited work is the view of the world in the original landscape, which is not depicted in the work. Its concept (Concept) is also the same. This is a commercial gallery that aims to learn and grow together with the artists, sharing with them the above-mentioned things: a life in which joy is gained by working for someone else, and a life in which one always remembers to be grateful.

Mitsuboshi Bld 4F 4-1-2 Asakusabashi Taito-ku Tokyo JAPAN