Satellite events

artdrop workshop

We will hold a workshop in collaboration with “”artdrop,”” a business aimed at fostering “”creativity”produced by Culture Convenience Club Co. This is a special event with two artists who have also exhibited at the fair as instructors.

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Abstract painting enjoying the blue by “Gin Soda”

We will create an abstract painting on canvas using a lot of blue painting materials, incorporating Ms. Gin Soda’s view of the world. Many of you may be interested in how Ms.Gin Soda paints. Some people may think that abstract painting is difficult, but you will be able to express yourself without being bound by anything, and your mind will be liberated. Why don’t you come and enjoy the various shades of blue with us?

Fukuoka International Congress Center 1F
Mr. Gin soda
Tickets: 5,500 yen (tax included, includes AFAF admission ticket) sold in advance via Peatix (*AFAF admission ticket will be given on the day of the event)
Fixed-term: 10 each



Japanese painting enjoying the expression of foil

Tickets: 5,500 yen (tax included, includes AFAF admission ticket) sold in advance via Peatix (*AFAF admission ticket will be given on the day of the event)We will create stylish original Japanese paintings using gold and silver foil on colored paper. You can learn how to apply foil, how to use sanding foil, and sulfurization, one of the techniques of Japanese painting, to create stylish Japanese paintings. This is a very valuable workshop that may change your image of Japanese painting.

Fukuoka International Congress Center 1F
10/2(Sun)2:00PM – 4:00PM
Mr. Kambe Tomoyuki
Tickets: 5,500 yen (tax included, includes AFAF admission ticket) sold in advance via Peatix (*AFAF admission ticket will be given on the day of the event)



A number of special guests will be invited to discuss the potential of Fukuoka and art from various perspectives. Please come and experience the heat of Fukuoka’s art scene.


The base of “Food×Culture×Art” that Fukuoka, a city of intercultural coexistence has

Why is Sri Lankan Curry so loved in Fukuoka?


Mr. Maeda is the owner of TUNAPAHA, Nuwaraeliya and other famous Sri Lankan curry restaurants that have been popular in Fukuoka for many years, and he is also known as an art collector and owner of “”Keyakidori Gallery 106″”. And, Mr. Gakuto Akashi, a well-known pioneer in the video industry, is a great lover of Sri Lankan curry.
What are the possibilities of culture and art in Fukuoka, a city with many unique stores?

YOUTUBE:Archived distribution has ended.

Speakers:ONE MEDIA Inc. CEO
Mr. Gakuto Akashi / MIC INC. CEO, Tunapaha Group, Owner
Mr. Katsutoshi Maeda
Host:Ms.Ayana Hirano

New Wave of Asian Art

Discover the trend! Asia’s hottest artists found in AFAF!!


AFAF2022 will bring together valuable works by Asia’s most “”in-season”” artists, who have participated in major international exhibitions such as Documenta and Venice, and have been exhibited in major museums. We will provide an easy-to-understand and thorough explanation of their works, which are now coveted by collectors around the world.

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10/1(Sat) 4:30PM-5:30PM
Speaker:nca | nichido contemporary art director
Ms. Sachiko Iwase / Satoko Oe Contemporary owner
Ms. Satoko Oe / ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2022 Special Advisor
Mr. Daisuke Miyatsu(Moderator)


Nature ✕ Startups ✕ Art

Nature and society, art and start-ups. Aesthetics links the present and future


The two men, both start-ups and art experts, will talk passionately about a wide range of topics, including the aesthetics required today, the commonalities between management and art, and the potential of Fukuoka City, which is rich in forest resources, and art.

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10/2(Sun) 3:00PM-4:00PM
Mr. Yoshihiko Haruyama / DOGAN beta, Inc. Director & Partner
Mr. Reito Watanabe


Fukuoka × Art

The Art scene in Fukuoka! The Current! The Past! The Future!


Fukuoka’s art scene has been rapidly developing in recent years, with the reopening of the Fukuoka City Art Museum and the launch of “Fukuoka Art Next.”
We will delve into the present, past, and future of Fukuoka, which has produced many artists who have attracted international attention, including the avant-garde art group “Kyushu-ha.”

YOUTUBE:Archived distribution has ended.

10/2(Sun) 5:00PM-6:00PM
Speaker:Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum director
Ms. Etsuko Iwanaga / Associate Professor, Kanazawa College of Art, Art critic
Mr. Hiroki Yamamoto
Curator, Exhibition coordinator
Mr. Shintaro Sumimoto (Moderator)


We have prepared a selection of six carefully selected films that offer a variety of perspectives on the world of art. We hope you will enjoy them together with the art fair.

Venue:Fukuoka International Congress Center, 4F
Capacity:120 people per session (may change depending on the spread of coronavirus)

Documentary Film “Toho Shiotsuki”


In 1921, Toho Shiotsuki went to Taiwan as an educator of the Japanese government side and became fascinated with the Taiwanese aborigines and their culture, but Japan’s assimilation policy and the war began. In the midst of these turbulent times and contradictory circumstances, what did Toho Shiotsuki think and how did he express himself? As director Mr. Komatsu pursues this hometown painter from about a century ago, he is forced to consider what “freedom” means to an artist.

Director: Takahide Komatsu
79 min / 2020 / Japan
© 2020 Momofu Shiozuki|Nishu Documentary


Kusama – Infinity


It wasn’t just Yayoi Kusama’s conservative family denying her passion for art, her life in Japan during WWII, racial and gender discrimination in the art world after moving to the United States, her illness… Kusama has faced many difficulties in her life. Overcoming these obstacles, she devoted herself to her creative activities for more than 70 years, accomplishing brilliant achievements in many fields. This film depicts Kusama’s unspoken past from the perspective of an American female director.

Director: Heather Lenz
76 min / 2018 / USA


Keep painting – Portrait of Gyoji Nomiyama, 101 years old –


Since when did art become a commodity? Who buys it, and for what? What is the price of art in the first place? Director Nathaniel Kahn, who was nominated for an Academy Award for “”My Architect: A Son’s Journey”” explores the relationship between art and money in this documentary, asking such questions that everyone has directly to influential people in the art world.

Director: Chiemi Satoyama
Production: RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. 
45 min / 2022 / Japan


The Price of Everything


When did art become a commodity? Who buys it and for what? What is the price of art to start with?
Nathaniel Kahn, the Academy Award-nominated director of My Architect explores the relationship between art and money in this documentary by asking these questions directly to the influential figures in the art world.

Director: Nathaniel Kahn
105 min / 2018 / USA


Herb & Dorothy


Herbert and Dorothy, a postman and a librarian, share a common interest: collecting contemporary artworks. They have two criteria for selecting artworks:
(1) The price must be affordable within their salary.
(2) It must fit in their one-bedroom apartment.
How did these two civil servants build up such a vast collection? As their secrets are revealed, the story gradually focuses on the nature of a “truly satisfying life”.
This moving documentary shows the real-life contemporary art collector couple, Herb and Dorothy.

Director: Megumi Sasaki
87 min / 2008 / USA
Copyright (c) 2008 Fine Line Media,Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Herb & Dorothy 50X50


A sequel to the previous film Herb & Dorothy, this film follows the lives of the couple and their art collection. Their collection has grown to nearly 5,000 pieces over the past half-century, and the National Museum of Art can no longer store them. The collection gets scattered across the 50 states of the United States. How do the couple and the artists feel about this unprecedented art donation plan? What about the local people’s reactions?
Although contemporary art appears difficult to understand at the first glance, the view of this utterly unique art collector couple can help us access and feel closer to the art world.

Director: Megumi Sasaki
87 min / 2013 / USA
Copyright (c) 2013 Fine Line Media,Inc. All Rights Reserved.



AFAF2022 ライブペイントコラボ企画 ”屋台研究家”下寺孝典 × Asia Fukuoka Artists

Various artists with connections to Asia and Fukuoka will paint live on the stalls created by “yatai researcher” Takanori Shimodera, who is scheduled to be invited to the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum’s residency program starting next January. We hope you will enjoy the unique Fukuoka-style live painting of yatai stalls, which will change as diverse sensibilities are fused together.

*The event was originally planned as a collaboration between “Phool Patti,” an artist from Pakistan, and Takanori Shimodera, but due to the postponement of his visit to Japan following the historic flooding in Pakistan, the plan was changed at short notice.

Location: Fukuoka International Congress Centre, 1F

Period: Sep 30 – Oct 3. *After the live painting is finished, the exhibition will be put on display.

You can come at any time and paint as much as you like.

What to bring: not required.

*Acrylic paints are available. You can also bring your own quick-drying, low-smelling painting materials.

Events held at the same time

Artist Cafe Fukuoka

Artist Cafe Fukuoka is a community space for everyone. It can be used as a consultation/gathering space for artists, a cafe for anyone, or just a place to browse art-related books selected by the coordinator.
Two works by Ms.Shahzia Sikander, a Pakistani artist representing South Asia who won the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize for Arts and Culture, will also be exhibited in the gallery space.


For more here

Venue|Former site of Maizuru Junior High School(Chuo-ku Jonai)
Opening Hours|11:00AM – 19:00PM(Closed: Mondays・New Year holidays)
※If Monday is a public holiday or substitute holiday, the first weekday afterward is closed

【Award-winning Exhibition Shahzia Sikander】
Dates|Fri, Sep 23 – Sun, Nov 27, 2022
Venue|Artist Cafe Fukuoka Gallery Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 7F Lobby

Collectors Four People Living with Art

For the wider audience to appreciate and enjoy art during FaN Week, a special exhibition of valuable artwork owned by four art collectors (Mr.Ieiri Kazuma, Mr.Enomoto Jiro, Mr.Ogasahara Osamu, Mr.Kumagai Masatoshi) will be exhibited in Modern and Contemporary Art B of Fukuoka Art Museum.

For more here

Venue|Fukuoka Art Museum Modern and Contemporary Art B
Dates|Fri, Sep 23 – Mon, Oct 10, 2022
Opening Hours|9:30AM-5:30PM(Fri・Sat 8:00PM)
※Last admission 30 minutes before the closing time
※Opens at 11:30 only on 23 Sep
※Closed on 3 Oct(Mon)
Admission fee|General 200yen, Student 150yen, Student (Junior highschool and under) Free

Fukuoka Art Next

Art brings us excitement and joy in our lives. It brings hope for tomorrow and makes our lives richer. It is a major driving force to build a vibrant and strong society.
Fukuoka City has been connected to the world with its harbor. Its long history of exchange with other Asian countries has inflienced us to accept diversity and value creativity.
Therefore, Fukuoka Art Museum and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum are together to develop and promote “”Fukuoka Art Next”” with the aim of creating Fukuoka a colourful city of art.

FaN Week

18 days to encounter art and become an art fan
This is a week for exploring Fukuoka City to find amazing artworks in Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, temples, and walls at construction sites in Hakata old town.
During FaN Week, many events will be held throughout the city where you can touch and experience art!

Dates | Fri, Sep 23 – Mon, Oct 10, 2022

Outdoor Art Exhibit x Lighting up

Temples and shrines are the main venues for you to enjoy evenings with the artworks.
Tōchō-ji×Lee Byungchan
Myorakuji×Leeroy New
Kushida Jinja/shrine×Kuri Mayumi
Seisen koen/park×Kimura Takeshi


For more here

Dates|Fri, Sep 30 -Mon, Oct 10, 2022

※Tōchō-ji and Myorakuji end on 3 Oct (Mon)

Admission fee|Free

Special Exhibition: Emotional Asia Daisuke Miyatsu Collection x Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Since the 1990s, contemporary Asian art has become more visible as one of the mainstreams in the global art scene. This exhibition combines works from the collection by Miyatsu Daisuke, known as one of the top art collectors in Japan, and those from Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, presenting 95 artworks by 45 participating artists from East and Southeast Asia. During the exhibition period, satellite venues will be open at different locations in the city of Fukuoka. The artworks vividly captured emotions and sentiments evoked from wavering contemporary lives, which are also the very reflection of “ourselves” in the present.


Main Venue|Asia Gallery
Dates|Thu, Sep 15 – Sun, Dec 25, 2022

Satellite Venues EMOTIONAL ASIA BOAT RACE Fukuoka × Choi Jeong hwa

At the BOAT RACE Fukuoka, gigantic balloon work by Korean artist Choi Jeong hwa will be on exhibit in the green grass area. On the East Stand, visitors will also encounter a colorful Bangladeshi rickshaw.

Exhibition Period|Open on Race days between Fri, Sep 23 – Sun, Oct 30
Addmission|100 yen 
Access|1-chōme-7-5 Nanotsu, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka * 10-minute walk from the subway station Tenjin (exit “East a1”)
*Purchasers of tickets for this exhibition will receive a free ticket to the Boat Race venue at the entrance to the Museum’s Asian Gallery.
*Check the Boat Race Fukuoka website for opening dates and times.



Satellite Venues EMOTIONAL ASIA Genjuuan×Hilmi Joandi


Video Installation by a Singaporean artist Hilmi Johandi in an elegant space where the monk Sengai spent the last days of his life.

Exhibition Period|Fri, Sep 27 – Mon, Oct 10(Mon, Holiday) ※Admission Free
Open Hours|10:00AM-5:00PM
Access|7-17-1 Gokushomachi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka
*About 10 minutes’ walk from Subway Gionsen Station (Exit 1) or Gofukumachi Station (Exit 5). 15-minute walk from Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.




Satellite Venues EMOTIONAL ASIA Yoshizuka Little Asia Market×Asian Contemporary Video Art Screening


Video works reflecting on different societies and diverse cultures in Asian countries will be screened at Yoshizuka Little Asia Market, where the local community especially those who have roots in Asian countries are working to build networks.

Exhibition Period|Fri, Sep 23 – Thu, Oct 6 ※Admission Free
Open Hours|10:00AM-5:00PM ※Last admission at 3:00PM on October 6(Thu) (last day of the exhibition)
Access|1F, 1-chōme-14-6 Yoshizuka, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka
Asian Plaza in Yoshizuka Little Asia Marke
*5-minute walk from JR Yoshizuka Station.


One Kyushu museum

This is the third anniversary of One Kyushu Museum. We are offering a museum where you can look closely at Kyushu crafts. In addition, we are providing a library space for you to check a variety of books selected by multiple specialists. This is an attempt to enrich “”Tenjin time” through the culture. In these 16 days, 9/26 (Mon) – 10/11 (Tue), we will bring the fruitful rich culture of Kyushu to Tenjin for you.
The Library Space will be open from 26 (Mon) to 29 (Thu) September and 2 (Sun) to 4 (Tue) October.


For more here

Place|Solaria Plaza 1F Zephyr and others
Period|Mon, Sep 26 – Tue, Oct 11, 2022

Fukuoka City Art Museum Collection Exhibition KYNE "Untitled" 2020

KYNE, a Fukuoka-based artist, has attracted international recognition in recent years with the style inspired by the popular culture of the 80s. The museum and KYNE’s desire to have a new challenge even during the pandemic made the 3m14cm x 13m mural available for the public only until the end of December 2022.


For more here

Venue|Mural at the exit of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries
Dates|Wed, Sep 9 – Tue, Dec 27, 2022
Open Hours|9:30AM – 5:30PM (last admission at 5:00PM)
※Fri and Sat from Jul to Oct 9:30AM – 8:00PM (last admission at 7:30PM)
Closed day|Mondays
*Open on Oct 10(Mon) and closed on Oct 11(Tue).

Fukuoka City Art Museum Collection Exhibition: Transforming Paintings: Unformel, Gutai, Kyushu School

After World War II, painting underwent a major transformation. Young Japanese painters were strongly influenced by the fierce brushstrokes, shapes without shape, and bright colors that emerged in European painting. This exhibition presents paintings that were created under the influence of Art Informel.

Veune|Modern and Contemporary Art B
Dates|Tue, Aug 23 – Sun, Oct 30, 2022
Open Hours|9:30AM – 5:30PM(last admission at 5:00PM)
*Fri and Sat from Jul to Oct 9:30AM – 8:00PM (last admission at 7:30PM)
Closed day|Mondays
*Open on Oct 10(Mon)and closed on Oct 11(Tue).

Fukuoka Wall Art Project

The “Fukuoka Wall Art Award-winning works” are displayed on temporary fences at construction sites in the Tenjin area and other areas. Enjoy the art that decorates construction sites! AFAF2022, where all the original paintings of this year’s award-winning works will be exhibited, will be held at the entrance on the first floor of the Fukuoka International Congress Center. We hope you will stop by.

Location|Fukuoka International Congress Center 1F
Session|Fri, Sep 30 – Mon, Oct 3, 2022