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September 21 4:10-4:50 pm

Announcement of a Special VIP Venue Tour

bijutsukaisetsu suruzo, who has a deep knowledge of art and provides art commentary mainly on SNS, will give a special VIP commentary tour of AFAF2023!
He will guide you through the event and art commentator, will lead you on a VIP commentary tour of AFAF2023. 
We hope you will join us.
*Simultaneous interpretation in English will be provided for this tour.

Date & Time: Thursday, September 21, 4:10-4:50 pm
Registration: first-served basis at the venue
Capacity: Approximately 15 people
Language: Japanese / English
How to join: Please arrive at the tour meeting point on the right side of the entrance  5 minutes before the start time.
Admission: Free
Please note that the content of the tour is subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding