Why don't we liven up the art fair together?
Recruiting volunteer staff!

Why don’t we liven up the art fair together?
Recruiting volunteer staff!

This year Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2019 will be held for 5 years.
I have been able to get here with the support of many people.
I am deeply moved and thankful to be guided by the strong feelings and courageous actions of those who love art, and to be able to celebrate my fifth year in this way.

This year, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi will join Hotel Okura Fukuoka and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, and it will be a memorable year for us.
We aim to create an art fair that takes advantage of Fukuoka’s unique features, such as the best land open to the world, the richness of people’s sensibility, and limitless brightness.
Why don’t you contribute not only to yourself but also to your family, friends and community through art?
We are looking for people who share the same ambitions from Fukuoka to Asia and the world.

Period of Participation

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 – Tuesday, 10
*You can participate from 1 day after consultation during this period.
*On September 4th, 9th and 10th, we mainly support the AFAF public exhibition.

Main Activities

・setting up the venue
・Reception Information
・customer guidance
・Support for carrying in and out of work
・Interpretation (People with English and Chinese skills)

Place of activity

・Hotel Okura (Fair venue)
・Fukuoka Mitsukoshi (Fair venue)
・Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F Exchange Gallery (public exhibition hall)

Human Resources

・Those who are interested in art and want to liven up Art Fair Asia Fukuoka together.
・People who like and are good at communicating with others
・Those with foreign language (Especially English, Chinese and Korean) skills.
・We welcome those who want to improve their sense of beauty and grow as human beings.
*We are looking for people of all ages, from students to the elderly!


Free admission to Art Fair Asia Fukuoka and various venu

How to apply

Please apply from this application form. (Japanese)

Application guidelines(PDF)(Japanese)