Terms and Conditions

Common to all venues

  • 1. The event will be titled ‘Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2019’ and will be organized by the Art Fair Asia1 Executive Committee.
  • 2. The Art Fair Asia Executive Committee will oversee all operations and planning of the art fair. Administrative procedures will be handled at the discretion of the committee.
  • 3. Taking into account everyone's requested booth type the executive committee will decide each exhibition booth placement. The organizer has the authority to decide the participating galleries and in the case of a large number of applicants, there will be a screening process. Inquiries regarding the screening process will not be answered.
  • 4. Cancellation after being accepted as an exhibiting gallery will not be permitted.The exhibition fee is not refundable under any circumstance.
  • 5. A list of the works to be displayed has to be submitted. The information will be used for publici- ty and marketing purposes. The due date for the submission will be released after your participa- tion is confirmed.
  • 6. Sales can only be done inside the exhibition booth.
  • 7. When bringing works into the venue, a member of the Executive Committee will lend you a name tag, please return it before you leave.
  • 8. The sale of artwork is completely up to the exhibitors.
  • 9. Please bring your own price tags for the exhibited works with clear writing, so it is easy for customers to see.
  • 10. In case of loss, theft, or damage to the works, the responsibility is on each exhibitor.
  • 11. In case of a natural disaster or an unavoidable situation, the Executive Committee reserves the right to postpone or shorten the exhibition period. The exhibiting galleries will not be able to request a refund or other compensation.
  • 12.The violation of the above terms will result in the offender being withdrawn from the event. This also applies during the exhibition.

Mitsukoshi Gallery Only Terms & Conditions

  • "Not For Sale" works is prohibited.
  • Exhibiting on the booth's outer wall is an extra 30,000 yen.

Hotel Okura Fukuoka Only Terms & Conditions

  • The exhibition fee is a one time fee, no commission will be charged on sales during the event. The exhibition fee is not refundable under any circumstance.
  • There is some freedom to move the equipment/furniture in the room around but none of it will be allowed in the corridor. Only the furniture inside the room is allowed to be moved.
  • The use of nails, screws and other items that can damage the wall will not be allowed. The use of Sumitomo 3M Command Strip (double-sided foam tape) is being assessed by the hotel.
  • Appropriate attire is required inside the hotel for the opening and the duration of the fair.
  • It should be noted that it is also the responsibility of each exhibitor to return the room to its original state. If any damage to the room and/or equipment has occurred, costs associated with it will be the burden of the exhibitors. The Art Fair Asia Executive Committee does not assume any responsibility.
  • If the room is used as accommodation by the exhibitor, they are responsible for its basic clean- ing. The hotel's room cleaning service can be arranged during the fair if requested in advance, JPY1,500(tax included) will be charged per night.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the exhibition booth, in accord with the Fire Services Act. Please use the designated areas.
  • Please take down the exhibition after the fair ends. Once the room is clear, a member of the Executive Committee will perform a room check, this will become the checkout. The Executive Committee will contact you again with detailed information and schedule for the loading and unloading of the exhibited work and transportation of artwork, once the exhibiting galleries have been decided.