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TICKET Scheduled for release on August 9
TICKET Scheduled for release on August 9

nca | nichido contemporary art

nca | nichido contemporary art was founded in 2001, aiming to introduce a wide range of contemporary art works.
The main purpose is to encourage people to re-evaluate been taking over the frontier spirit, which Galerie Nichido, the main gallery, has been advocating through introducing Western paintings widely in Japan since its establishment in 1928.
We aspire to play a role to introduce the contemporary art, which penetrate into people’s heart and contribute to the society of its cultural development.
In addition, through a different viewpoint from conventional galleries we organize exhibitions not only in the gallery but also at public spaces so that a large number of people can feel contemporary art close.


〒106-0032 102, 7-21-24, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Tel 03-6384-5310
Email info@nca-g.com
Website https://www.nca-g.com/en/