SHUKADO its doors in 2003 in Tokyo’s Ginza district, the center of Japan’s art scene and a renowned art gallery district.
Inheriting the lineage of a long-established art dealer, we find the essential value that never fades in works of art, from traditional Japanese art, culture, and crafts to advanced works by contemporary artists, and pass them on to a new era.

Ginza Shukado celebrates its first anniversary in September 2022 with the opening of a new contemporary art gallery, GALLERY SCENA in Jingumae, Harajuku.
Contemporary art is something that breaks out of the norm and shows new values, and its “power” comes from the youthfulness of the soul. The “magnetic field” of Harajuku and Jingumae, where young energy overflows, will also be taken in to create a vivid art scene.
We will hold a variety of special exhibitions featuring carefully selected contemporary artists from Japan and abroad, along with an introduction to historical avant-garde art.

1F Crest Court Jingumae, 6-15-17, Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

7F Sone bld., 6-4-8 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, JAPAN