[Sponge] was established in August 2016 by painter Chisato Tanaka and art planner Kazuki Saito.

Artists based in rural areas were forced to face many handicaps in order to sustain their artist activities. Few exhibition opportunities and locations, limited art community, limited access to the art market, and lack of local understanding and support. However, despite these challenges, artists are working hard to create their own unique perspectives and identities by creating an environment that is conducive to their work.

[Sponge] has planned and proposed art coordination for exhibitions at commercial facilities and department stores, hotels, corporate offices, and private residences. We also propose projects to companies that have not been involved in contemporary art before, in an effort to create new venues for artists of the same generation who are based in the countryside. We are working to create a society that values the rich sensibilities of artists through the power of their art.

AFAF2023, we will exhibit the works of Chisato Tanaka, Mika Shimauchi, and Kazuhito Tanaka, and introduce the activities of [Sponge].

812-017Kotobuki Building room51,Minoshima ,Hakata-ku,Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka,JAPAN